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13 July 2021

In June, UK pig meat exports moved back to recording year-on-year growth, while imports remained down on the year.

29 November 2019

Trade disruptions dampen global growth, affecting UK consumer confidence

19 January 2021

EU and UK import tariff rates for poultry meat and derived products

19 January 2021

EU and UK import tariff rates for selected sheep meat products

4 June 2019

Sentiment for British food is high, but could Brexit impact shoppers' choices?

4 July 2018

The UK pig meat review shares the latest data on clean pig and sow slaughterings. It provides the latest import and export figures for the quarter and makes projections about the overall market supply situation to create a forecast

18 February 2022

The pocketbook contains details about the size and structure of the industry, plus data on Pig numbers, abattoirs, slaughterings, livestock and meat prices, imports and exports, consumption, feed prices and classification