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13 October 2021

This factsheet provides a summary of the herbicide options for weed control in narcissus crops.

25 June 2020

Learn more about the chemicals that could replace linuron and diquat

19 June 2020

Get an in-field view of herbicide trials from across AHDB Strategic Potato (SPot) Farms, as we continue to provide independent data on how best to replace lost chemical options

11 November 2021

Find out which are the most efficient herbicides and application methods for weed control management in potatoes

20 January 2020

Desiccation, herbicides and haulm destruction results

13 January 2020

Desiccation, irrigation, herbicides, organic matter results

3 December 2019

Desiccation, herbicides, PCN and storage dormancy results

19 November 2019

Nutrition, herbicides and desiccation trial results form across the Farm Excellence network

14 November 2019

Results from herbicide trials from across the SPot Farm network.

16 September 2021

Review of the use of maleic hydrazide for potato volunteer control (2006)

28 August 2019

Desiccation treatments demonstrated included Gozai® (pyraflufen-ethyl), Spotlight® (carfentrazone-ethyl), a salt-based treatment and pelargonic acid with or without flail treatment

15 September 2021

Efficacy and crop safety of herbicide programmes in potatoes. Alternatives to paraquat and higher rates of linuron (2008-2009)