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21 April 2020

Grazed grass is the highest quality feed on farm in spring. Read this section for guidance on how to achieve optimum utilisation.

24 April 2019

Beef and lamb producers taking part in the GrassCheckGB project will open up their farms in May to share knowledge and help others increase profits from their pastures.

2 October 2018

Grass and herbal leys farm network releases first findings

5 November 2018

The R&D Review is a summary of some of the work the Beef & Lamb sector is carrying out on behalf of levy payers to help their businesses become more efficient and sustainable.

10 September 2018

Beef and sheep farms are needed for a new project which will help farmers across Great Britain improve management of their grassland.

5 July 2018

HGCA Farm Walks, March 2013 - The benefits of using compost

10 May 2024

Learn how Farm Excellence farmer Bertie is planning to improve his grassland management

22 June 2018

Learn how Beef & Lamb Strategic Farmer Ian Norbury is making his business more resilient for the future

22 August 2023

How to determine the nutrient requirements of grass and forage crops.

11 August 2023

Short pocketbook with simple steps to assess soil structure