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3 August 2021

A review of the provision of UK horticultural R&D

8 November 2018

Adrian Cunnington, Sutton Bridge CSR, discusses how to get the best from box storage

8 November 2018

Adrian Cunnington updates on the on-going Storage 2020 campaign, intended to drive store improvements on an industry scale, reminding of the need to look long-term and take up the areas of great potential for progress.

8 November 2018

Dr Glyn Harper, Sutton Bridge CSR, On Farm Storage Day discussion - Warmer storage for fresh sector markets

8 November 2018

Jon Swain Energy Efficiency Systems workshop for the Storage 2020 campaign

7 November 2018

Potato Storage Rots - Workshop 3: Simon Alexander (SA Consulting) on optimal store management techniques to control potato rots in store and ultimately maximise longevity of potato stocks.