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9 April 2021

Results show attention to detail key at Strategic Cereal Farm East results day

11 September 2019

James and Michael have recorded some record yields

28 January 2022

Our analysts look at how the cereals market is expected to perform, using the latest available data

31 March 2022

Discover harvest progress across Great Britain. Compare regions, crops and timeframes with the interactive tool, or read the latest report

25 April 2019

Results from genetic and phenotypic analyses on septoria tritici isolates collected from the field in 2015.

5 November 2019

Soil management

29 November 2019

Labour and machinery review

14 January 2020

Pushing for yield

28 January 2020

Personal resilience

18 March 2019

Alex Wilcox was announced the YEN Wheat Quality Award winner for harvest 2018

4 June 2019

How can the bread category evolve to combat changing consumer attitudes?

29 September 2021

This definitive guide to arable weeds in the UK contains full colour photographs for identification plus information on life cycles, location, biology and management