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2 October 2018

A successful 2019 grazing season starts now.

23 May 2019

This soil management guide is a practical manual for growers and agronomists with the primary focus on soil assessment and management in horticultural cropping systems.

23 May 2019

This factsheet outlines a simple method for measuring infiltration in the field. It also explains how adding organic matter to soil can improve soil structure and water infiltration.

23 May 2019

Soil water supply is critical to managing the yield and quality of high-value horticultural crops. Improving soil health can benefit the supply of water from irrigation and rainfall by increasing infiltration rates and water-holding capacity.

20 December 2018

Simple recording sheet to used on site when counting earthworm numbers. To accompany the 'How to Count Earthworms' factsheet.

17 May 2021

These publications explain how each earthworm group has a unique and important function and give top tips on how identify and count each type.

9 September 2019

Growers are becoming increasingly interested in soil health and how it affects the success of their business. The information in this webinar will help growers to make changes to their soil

29 September 2021

AHDB believes that thriving, sustainable, highly productive business for UK farmers and growers and their supply chain partners delivers a lower environmental impact and goes hand-in-hand with valuing and enhancing the natural environment.

23 May 2019

Many farmers and growers are concerned about the health of their soils. They understand the importance of soil health for the productivity, sustainability and profitability of their business, but many face significant challenges when interpreting results from laboratory analysis or when choosing suitable methods for assessing the health of soils beyond the standard pH, phosphorus (P), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg) analysis.

5 July 2018

HGCA Farm Walks, March 2013 - The benefits of using compost

10 August 2020

This guide outlines the basic principles of field drainage, including information on installation and maintenance. It also emphasises the importance of good soil structure and includes information on subsoiling.

23 May 2019

Maintaining optimum soil pH values in all parts of the field is essential in order to maintain soil quality and health, crop quality and yield. This guidance document explains why soil pH is important and outlines the impact of soil type and texture on pH.