Katie Evans

Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager - National Specialist (Grass Forage & Soil)

Image of staff member Katie Evans

Email: katie.evans@ahdb.org.uk

Mobile: 07976 181 103

Katie’s passion for soil husbandry and grassland management has been fuelled not only by her studies but also her exposure to agriculture, having been born and raised on a progressive dairy farm in southwest Ireland.

In addition to her experience, she has a solid educational foundation, and has continued developing her knowledge by undertaking BASIS Soil and water, FACTs, Grassland modules at Aberystwyth University, and the AHDB Developing Grass Expertise programme.

While studying at Harper Adams University, she also completed a year-long placement study with Teagasc in Moorepark, Animal and Grassland Research and Innovation Centre. It was during this time she developed a keen interest in quantitative and qualitative aspects of animal production systems.

After completing her degree, Katie worked as an agricultural consultant nationally in the UK for five years. She specialised in providing advice and practical solutions to the agricultural sector in multiple areas including nutrient management, soil husbandry and grassland management. Her role involved providing advice and guidance so farmers could gain a better understanding of the principles and practices underpinning the husbandry of grassland and forages, with emphasis on both producing and utilising grassland. 

As a Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager with AHDB, Katie aspires to establish, maintain, and continually network to develop relationships with stakeholders of the agricultural and environmental industry to support and acquire additional resources and identify future research and development opportunities.

Katie aims to help levy payers develop a better understanding of farming practices such as grassland and soil management, linking nutritional requirements and pasture supply for grazing livestock, improving their efficiency whilst becoming more environmentally sustainable.

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