Martin Evans

AHDB Horticulture Board member and chair of the AHDB Field Vegetable panel

Image of staff member Martin Evans

Martin Evans has been involved in Horticulture all his working life, at a senior level. Martin currently is Managing Director of Freshgrowers a fresh produce business as well as a Director of several research institutions and sits on several industry advisory boards. He is highly qualified in Horticulture, Business Management, Agronomy and Education. Has the desire and ambition to succeed in many different environments and is capable of taking on new roles, which require lateral thinking, innovative answers and team leadership. Experienced at the forefront of the industry in technical, management and executive positions, and also one of the few people to be awarded the M.Hort (RHS) as well as one of the youngest. Martin has also a vast experience of working and growing crops all over the world and transferring knowledge and experience, whether that being economic, agronomic or social development. Currently Martin is Chair of the AHDB Field Vegetable panel, Chair and Governor at two schools, lectures part time in Agronomy and in currently the Interim Chair of AHDB Horticultural Board.

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