Youngstock health

Calf rearing: from good to great

Do you know how well your calves are performing and your costs of production? It is vital that you monitor calf performance, in terms of growth and health, throughout their time spent on the calf-rearing unit.

Daily liveweight gain is one of the most important indicators of efficiency and getting it right is essential for long term performance and profitability of any enterprise.

We have resources on youngstock health and housing to help you look at how these factors can be optimised in order to prevent disease and maintain daily liveweight gain in young calves. You will find a range of manuals, calculators and tools, webinars, videos and a podcast and also events we are holding in October, which are free to attend.

Videos and webinar

Vaccinating Cattle Safely and Effectively - brought to you by DairyCo

Preventing pneumonia in calves

Matthew Pugh, veterinary surgeon at Belmont Farm and Equine Vets, goes through the three steps to take to prevent pneumonia in calves.

The health impact of housing youngstock

AHDB Beef & Lamb join Nick Gibbon from Belmont Farm and Equine Vets Ltd, for a webinar on how good housing can improve youngstock health.