Yield Enhancement Network

AHDB supports the ADAS Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) initiative.

The Yield Enhancement Network (YEN) was set up by ADAS in 2012 and is now a well-known, collaborative industry initiative. The YEN is supported entirely by corporate sponsorship, subscriptions and self-help.

It is open to all organisations, agronomists, farmers and researchers. The principal aims of the YEN are to identify and support arable innovators, thus to drive understanding of yield determination and inspire initiatives for yield improvement across the industry.

Through AHDB and other research sponsors, the YEN is increasingly providing a platform for effective communication and synergy between farms, industry and academia.

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Who is involved in the YEN competition?

Sponsors of the Cereal YEN in 2019 were: ADAS, Adama, Agrimetrics, AgSpace, AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds, AgSpace, BASF, Bayer, Iteris, Hutchinsons, Lancrop Laboratories, Limagrain, Nabim, NFU, NIAB TAG, NRM, Rothamsted Research, SRUC, Syngenta, The Farming Forum and Yara.

Sponsors of the Oilseed YEN in 2019 were: ADAS, Adama, AgSpace, AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds, BASF, CF Fertilisers, DeKalb, DSV, Hutchinsons, Iteris, Lancrop Laboratories, Limagrain, NRM, RAGT, The Farming Forum and Yara. 

The YEN Wheat Quality Awards, sponsored by nabim, will be presented at the AHDB Milling Wheat Conference on Thursday 27th February 2020 at the Huntingdon Marriot Hotel.

For further information or to get involved, visit yen.adas.co.uk or email yen@adas.co.uk

YEN Wheat Quality Award 2021

YEN Wheat Quality Award winners triumph over challenging season

Focus and attention to detail shone through at the Yield Enhancement Network (YEN), Wheat Quality Awards 2021.

The YEN Gold Award for harvest 2020 was announced as Simon Budden of Netherley Farm Partnership in Hampshire. The awards, sponsored by UK Flour Millers, recognise excellence and innovation in achieving high yield and quality in Group 1 milling wheats.

The YEN Wheat Quality Award top 3 are:

First Place: Simon Budden, Netherley Farm Partnership, Hampshire.

Second Place: James Mayes, Bentfield Bury Farms, Essex.

Third Place: James Loder-Symonds, Nonington Farms, Kent.

Simon’s entry yielded 11.98t/ha, it was noted that this entry demonstrated excellent grain analytical quality. Dough quality was good, and the baked loaf was excellent, with white breadcrumb colour and texture.

Simon said: “We are very pleased to have entered into the YEN Competition. The most important part of it is the YEN report we get at the end.

“This year we entered wanting to showcase our normal farm practice. The report provides a lot of detail for us to take forward and look ahead to next season to hopefully improve on our yields.”

As part of AHDB Milling Wheat Week (23-35 Feb), three webinars in partnership with UK Flour Millers (formerly nabim) and ADAS delivered on technical insights, supply chain & policy and finally the YEN Awards, these will be available at: www.ahdb.org.uk/mwc.

The webinars emphasised the importance of growing quality wheat, taking advantage of the latest market information and best practice examples from individuals and organisations throughout the milling wheat supply chain.

Dr Sarah Clarke, ADAS Research Scientist, said: “Last season was a very challenging one for growers, so it was great to see some really high-quality entries. Whatever the season brings, growers can benchmark and learn more about their quality from entering the YEN Wheat Quality Competition. They can also think about carrying out tramline trials for nutrition programmes to see what could be achieved on their farm.”

Joe Brennan, Senior Technical Adviser for UK Flour Millers, said: “This was the fourth year of the competition and it is reassuring that despite the differences season to season, there are growers who achieve excellent wheat yields alongside fantastic breadmaking quality. Recognising and understanding how growers accomplish this is key to ensuring a steady supply of domestic wheat for the milling market.”