Landscape Recovery

The Landscape Recovery scheme supports long-term, large-scale projects aiming to improve habitats, biodiversity, water quality and net zero.

The scheme is for farmers and landowners who want to take large-scale approaches to environmental and climate action on their land through long-term projects that produce significant habitat restoration and land use change.

First round of projects announced

The first round of projects aimed to:

  • Recover threatened native species and priority habitats
  • Restore streams and rivers
  • Provide other benefits such as contributing to net zero

Twenty-two projects were announced in autumn 2022. They will receive support for finalising delivery plans and throughout the development and initial implementation phases.

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Second round now open

The second round of funding is now open and will support 25 projects that target net zero, protected sites and habitat creation. The application deadline is Thursday 21 September 2023.

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