26 May 2020

Improving awareness around mental health for those working in and with the agriculture and horticulture sectors.

3 June 2020

This mental health themed webinar will aim to help understand how you can take control of your stress and not add to it unwittingly. While difficult circumstances such as coronavirus, extreme weather, market volatility, peer pressure and parental expectations are often beyond our influence, much of our stress is actually within our own control.

1 July 2020

With harvest just around the corner it may be obvious to sort the combine and grain store, but during this webinar we will be looking at the implications of season and Covid-19 on harvest preparations.

15 October 2020

Help reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus by printing this poster to display around the workplace. Follow the guidance to help keep farm staff safe. Also available in Hungarian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian. and Welsh.

9 March 2021

Watch videos from AHDB webinars and live events, focused on business advice, skills support and training.

11 June 2021

Download this letter template to issue to workers making essential journeys for the food supply chain.

6 April 2020

From recruiting workers to educating your workforce, we've created five top tips to help you through this challenging time.

13 May 2020

Useful tips for preventing and managing fires on pig farms

13 May 2020

Follow this guidance to ensure your pig farm meets current health and safety regulations

13 May 2020

Understand the dangers on your pig farm and what you can do to reduce the risks

24 July 2020

Guidance on making your farm a safe, healthy and legal place for employers, employees and visitors

17 February 2020

All good communication begins with the ability to listen effectively to what others are saying. Mistakes and misunderstandings around your farm could be hitting your bottom line, effecting morale and even causing people to leave your business.