Technical events

24 February 2021

Steven Lawson Strategic Farm update

17 February 2021

Neil Brown Strategic Farm update

10 February 2021

Chris and Louise Elkington Strategic Farm update

5 January 2021

A series of online agronomy sessions are being held in January and February aimed at farmers in Scotland.

10 July 2020

Doreen Anderson appointed role of Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager in Scotland

18 June 2020

How to start direct selling with Strategic Farms Dupath Farm and Chestnut Farm

29 May 2020

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) Farm Excellence programme has turned to digital technology to ensure knowledge can still be shared with and between farmers during the current coronavirus pandemic.

16 November 2020

This arable magazine covers a variety of AHDB-funded activities

16 June 2020

This session will explore the elements of soil health and their connection and influence on soil function. Particular focus areas will include the influence of farming practice on soil health as well as biological systems and, in particular, the beneficial aspects and maintenance of balanced soil microbiomes.

3 June 2020

This mental health themed webinar will aim to help understand how you can take control of your stress and not add to it unwittingly. While difficult circumstances such as coronavirus, extreme weather, market volatility, peer pressure and parental expectations are often beyond our influence, much of our stress is actually within our own control.