Discussion Groups

10 December 2020

Join our Cereals & Oilseeds Strategic Farm hosts for a week of online activities based around our themes of managed lower inputs, and building diversity above ground.

10 July 2020

Doreen Anderson appointed role of Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager in Scotland

29 May 2020

The Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board’s (AHDB) Farm Excellence programme has turned to digital technology to ensure knowledge can still be shared with and between farmers during the current coronavirus pandemic.

16 November 2020

This arable magazine covers a variety of AHDB-funded activities

16 June 2020

This session will explore the elements of soil health and their connection and influence on soil function. Particular focus areas will include the influence of farming practice on soil health as well as biological systems and, in particular, the beneficial aspects and maintenance of balanced soil microbiomes.

3 June 2020

This mental health themed webinar will aim to help understand how you can take control of your stress and not add to it unwittingly. While difficult circumstances such as coronavirus, extreme weather, market volatility, peer pressure and parental expectations are often beyond our influence, much of our stress is actually within our own control.

16 June 2020

A webinar led by monitor farmers, Roger Wilson, Ashley Jones and Richard Payne, to provide a snapshot of what the prospects are for this harvest from Wiltshire to Cornwall.

19 June 2020

Join East Anglia’s three monitor farmers for a look at the prospects for this harvest from Hertfordshire to Suffolk. There will also be updates on the try-outs happening with Richard Ling at Diss Monitor Farm (cover crop destruction, aka ‘the stripy field and varying N management) and Tom Mead and David Hurst from Duxford Monitor Farm (Fungicide Challenge and hybrid wheat).

23 June 2020

Join AHDB & ADAS for a webinar on crop variety demonstrations for Wales and the West of England. Although the current situation provides many challenges, it is also a great opportunity in an online format which will still allow all growers and agronomists to make informed decisions before the next season begins. ADAS experts Jonathan Blake and Chloe Morgan will be joined by Herefordshire farmer Mark Wood to provide growers and agronomists with information and advice based around the crop variety demonstration hosted by Adam Lewis in north Herefordshire.

24 June 2020

Hosted by the RL team, this webinar will discuss the impact of what has been a challenging year for growing conditions and drilling. They will share how the trial validation process works and what they have seen this growing season including any new and interesting varieties and results. They will also be explaining how to access and use the harvest results service and the new RL app. There will be a Q&A session for you to ask any variety questions you may have, and although the focus of this session is wheat, questions relating to other crops are welcome.

25 June 2020

Catch up with monitor farmers Bill & Joe Webb (Hale Village) and Richard Orr (Downpatrick), as well as getting an insight into the farm business of our new Monitor Farm in Cumbria. After what has been a challenging year for growing conditions, we will talk about the crop conditions, harvest prospects and farm try out results so far. We will also be getting a market update from AHDB's Market Intelligence Team.