11 May 2021

Guidance, webinars and training on potato production, crop protection and potato agronomy

30 November 2020

The Agronomists’ Induction introduces new and student agronomists to AHDB

27 August 2020

Well managed stock plants help meet the demand for reliable and timely supplies of high quality propagation material and enable nurserymen to exercise quality control from the start of the production process. This factsheet considers the main elements of successful stock plant management.

8 July 2021

This arable magazine covers a variety of AHDB-funded activities.

13 March 2020

Compaction is a bigger threat to yield than 'losing' growing days say Mark Stalham and Graham Bannister

10 December 2020

Arable Connections features at events throughout the UK, giving you the opportunity to discuss the latest practical trials and demonstrations

26 January 2021

Reductions in cultivation depth and nitrogen use increased yields as well as saving costs

13 November 2019

Seed storage is a key element of modern-day potato production, aiming to produce high-quality, clean seed to fulfil the demands of many markets.

20 August 2019

View onion varieties, drilling density and herbicide trials at the Horticulture Strategic Centre for Field Vegetables

25 June 2019

We are inviting you to a AHDB/BPOA poinsettia study tour to Germany and the Netherlands focusing on plant breeding, young plant propagation and general plant culture.

27 June 2019

The future of disease control, followed by a 'what do I get for my levy?' Q&A

30 April 2019

Insight into propagation management for Hardy Nursery Stock (includes case studies)