9 October 2019

An induction video for seasonal fruit workers, helping to get the best from your workforce. Also available in Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Ukranian, Latvian, Lithuanian and Russian.

5 September 2019

Robotics funding to transform horticulture, a computer model to improve biopesticides and a new plum demonstration centre

4 September 2019

Find out about the latest research for tree fruit crops

28 August 2019

Desiccation treatments demonstrated included Gozai® (pyraflufen-ethyl), Spotlight® (carfentrazone-ethyl), a salt-based treatment and pelargonic acid with or without flail treatment

20 August 2019

View onion varieties, drilling density and herbicide trials at the Horticulture Strategic Centre for Field Vegetables

12 June 2019

Potatoes events, from conferences to field walks, held across Britain this summer

17 July 2019

Innovations in glasshouse climate control, new varieties, downy mildew and post-harvest treatments for cut flowers

15 August 2019

Desiccation, haulm destruction, herbicide and in-field technology demonstrations presented at this open day

9 April 2019

Efficient irrigation of container-grown hardy nursery stock (HNS) crops presents specific challenges to growers not found with field-grown crops.

14 March 2019

Ergot mycotoxins can move before and after harvest.

27 February 2019

Levels of erucic acid in double-low oilseed rape crops can become elevated due to contamination from volunteers (via seeds or cross-pollination)

22 February 2019

Strawberry powdery mildew, caused by the fungus Podosphaera aphanis attacks the leaves, flowers and fruit of strawberry.