18 March 2021

Grain contract basics and other top tips.

16 December 2020

Access the latest grain passport (standard and digital)

17 November 2020

Hear about the cover ans catch crop trials at the Strategic Farms

24 March 2021

Guidance, webinars and training on potato production, crop protection and potato agronomy

21 September 2020

A video explaining how the Agronomists' Induction will work in 2020

30 November 2020

The Agronomists’ Induction introduces new and student agronomists to AHDB

24 August 2020

Virus and disease threat can last for up to 3 weeks after desiccation, say experts working on the third year of trials at our Farm Excellence sites.

20 August 2020

Pictures and video of commercial potato crops during haul destruction and tips and guidance from leading researchers on how to apply desiccants, and use mechanical alternatives to diquat for desiccation of potato crops

18 September 2020

Our latest research on burn-off of potato crops without diquat and guides on best practice and health and safety at harvest

13 August 2020

With the loss of Diquat, we trialled four different haulm toppers at Strategic Potato (SPot) Farm North

3 September 2020

This factsheet provides growers of white cabbage with new information on the identification of the principal internal disorders of white cabbage, the causes of the problems, including the important link between viruses and internal disorders, and the actions needed to minimise their economic impact.

27 August 2020

Effective handling of cut flowers from harvest through to despatch is a critical part of maintaining the quality of the product grown and supplied to customers, and ultimately the end consumer. This factsheet contains information on key areas of good practice for the post-harvest handling of cut flowers.