Cover Crops

21 June 2019

Find out what the WET Centre has planned for soft fruit growers in 2019.

12 June 2019

Cereals is the UK’s technical event for the arable industry - hear from key opinion leaders, and find the best arable products and services to help grow their businesses.

14 March 2019

Soil cultivation strategies and benchmarking highlights from Simon Brock's time as Dereham Monitor Farmer

22 February 2019

Green manures have potential for use in modern orchard systems and they can bring benefits to beneficial insect populations as well as to soil health.

22 February 2019

An insight into selected soil assessment tests for horticulture, soil infiltration rates and much more.

22 February 2019

Strawberry powdery mildew, caused by the fungus Podosphaera aphanis attacks the leaves, flowers and fruit of strawberry.

28 February 2019

Strategic and Monitor Farms across the country are getting involved in research to better understand cover crops

18 February 2019

In terms of nutrition, poinsettias are one of the more demanding crops. Nutrient-related symptoms can be expressed on both leaves and bracts during both the production and marketing phases. Severe symptoms expressed later on in the growing season are difficult to correct and may result in substantial crop rejection and wastage.

14 February 2019

Exploring downy mildew in protected cut flower crops.

7 January 2019

Crop Research News is a monthly technical e-newsletter issued by AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.

4 January 2019

In this episode, we look at results from AHDB's Look Ahead survey of the Recommended Lists; what our Sittingbourne Monitor Farm group discussed around learning from organic and some interim cover crop findings..