7 March 2019

Warrington Monitor Farm: looking at grain storage options including the diversification of existing buildings on the farm.

12 September 2023

A technical e-newsletter for the arable industry.

21 February 2023

Our Harvest Toolkit includes a wealth of information on grain prices, harvest results, straw, grain sampling practice, grain storage and grain marketing

17 December 2018

To integrate applied technical research with on-farm practice, AHDB will start 2019 with a road-show of arable agronomy events taking place across England, Scotland and Wales.

16 November 2018

The number of vaccines used on dairy and beef cattle is on the rise, according to a report published by AHDB.

27 February 2024

Diseases in sheep and cattle have made the headlines many times over the last few years. The impact of a disease can range from an annoying setback in production to a devastating infection leading to widespread culling of the flock. What is certain, however, is that every disease has an impact on returns

2 November 2018

This review is a summary of some of the research carried out by AHDB Beef & Lamb on behalf of levy payers. The annual publication includes key findings from completed projects and updates on ongoing research.

21 July 2023

Safe, effective grain storage is key to assuring crop quality.