Technical Article

1 June 2020

Read our list of FAQs on how to deal with storage challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis

8 August 2019

An ongoing research project at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research is looking to explore how MH can be used more effectively as a sprout suppressant.

7 November 2018

Poster providing 12 steps that help to achieve an energy efficient store

7 November 2018

This document belongs to the Potato Industry CIPC Stewardship Group and is hosted here by AHDB Potatoes.

6 December 2019

StoreCheck is an AHDB service being offered by Sutton Bridge CSR & FEC Energy to assess potato storage performance. It is part of AHDB’s Storage 2020 initiative, devised to help to improve existing stores and make them more cost-effective

7 November 2018

Development of CFD based modelling tools and retro-fit solutions to provide improved CIPC control in potato storage to meet the new low residual limits and application levels. An Innovate UK funded project ref: 102310

7 November 2018

Energy costs are rising and areas of high energy usage are hard to identify. In the longer term, energy prices are likely to rise further, therefore there is increased pressure to monitor and reduce energy usage

4 November 2019

NEW! UPDATED SECTION ON SPROUT SUPPRESSION: Our essential store managers' guide returns 18 years after its first publication with updated advice and data on: airflow analysis, respiration rates, sprout suppression, disease identification, condensation control, storage temperatures, pull-down rates and more.