28 August 2020

Latest data on AHDB trials on potato variety dormancy

1 June 2020

Read our list of FAQs on how to deal with storage challenges posed by the coronavirus crisis

3 February 2020

Research has shown MH should be an integral part of a sprout suppression strategy.

28 August 2020

Interim reports from the CIPC alternatives projects running from 2017 - 2021

26 June 2020

Interim results after year two of our research project looking at alternative sprout suppressants for the processing sector in potatoes.

20 September 2019

AHDB research trials have shown that the future of sprout control post-CIPC could be in using a combination of treatments

20 September 2019

A study has found that CIPC will permeate the top layer of concrete in treated stores

19 September 2019

Three months on since the announcement that CIPC will lose its authorisation on 8 January 2020, we take a look at the situation for store managers as it stands

31 October 2019

Potato storage to take place in Kent

8 August 2019

AHDB’s Strategic Potato Farm network is carrying out a variety of trials to ensure growers have effective alternatives for banned chemicals such as diquat and CIPC.

8 August 2019

To address the lack of knowledge on dormancy Sutton Bridge are conducting trials at SPot farms

8 August 2019

An ongoing research project at Sutton Bridge Crop Storage Research is looking to explore how MH can be used more effectively as a sprout suppressant.