The Food Advisory Board (FAB) Launches

To help provide balance and knowledge to unfair and misleading media headlines, the Food Advisory Board (FAB) has been created.

Made up of a range of experts in nutrition, health, medicine, environment and agriculture the FAB has expanded the previous Meat Advisory Panel by extending the expertise to allow FAB to provide comment across a range of topics and for all food groups.

With an increased number of mixed, confusing and unproven messages about food in the media, FAB’s role is to provide independent and evidence-based arguments, in order to restore balance on matters relating to health, nutrition and environment.

In addition to its work to combat negative press, members also work to provide positive media stories, based on scientific evidence, in addition to supporting advocacy programmes to policy makers.

The FAB recently launched at the Food Matters Live event and made its media debut with a story urging Brits to follow a healthy balanced diet, which featured in The SunThe Scottish Sun and The Independent.

Welcomed by many, this balanced plate messaging allows consumers to eat what they want in moderation, choose from a wide selection of foods and to enjoy their food!