The development of an integrated management system for stored grain


Cereals & Oilseeds
Project code:
01 October 1994 - 31 March 1996
AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.
AHDB sector cost:
£13,000 From HGCA (Project no. 0017/01/94)
Project leader:
J Knight Imperial College, Silwood Park R Wilkin Consultant



About this project


This report summarises the development of a piece of software for an integrated approach to the management of stored grain, Integrated Grain Storage Manager (IGSM). The report outlines the reasoning behind the development of the software. The objective was:

To develop a computer-based decision support system for the storers of grain. This system will allow the easy implementation of key aspects of HGCA and MAFF funded research and will assist in the production of high-quality grain at minimum storage costs.
IGSM consists of program that will run on an IBM PC (minimim requirements 486 with 8Mb) running Microsoft Windows version 3.x, Windows 95 or NT. The program provides the following facilities:

An encyclopaedia of information about all aspects of grain storage.
A total quality assessment database for record keeping and production of quality reports at point of sale.
An automatic system for monitoring changes in storage conditions and alerting the user to any such changes and suggesting appropriate actions to take to minimise their effects.
The ability to explore the results of different control strategies on the population dynamics of different pests in the stored grain.