Looking ahead

Over the next five years, British farming and growing is facing a number of common challenges and opportunities across all sectors.

As a levy-funded organisation, AHDB is well placed to perform a vital thought leadership role, provide independent evidence and work with farmers and the supply chain.


  • Increasing pressures on farm profitability
  • Removal of farm support in England and changing farm policy in Scotland and Wales
  • Greater scrutiny of the environmental impact of horticulture and farming, driven by Government policy and increased consumer concerns
  • Predominantly producing commodities to supply a fiercely competitive domestic retail market
  • Increasing pressures on farm profitability
  • Long term supply chain impacts from Covid 19 and exiting the European Union


  • Opportunity for all farmers and growers to benefit from best practice through benchmarking and farmer to farmer learning
  • A shift in policy towards the delivery of public goods and greater self-reliance for farming and growing enterprises
  • Reducing environmental impact to drive business profitability and build wider consumer confidence
  • Data sharing and collaborative working across the supply chain
  • Explore the potential for added value and commodity exports to new markets and developing existing ones
  • A collective response from industry underpinned by evidence to tackle changing consumer behaviours at home and overseas

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Change Programme and Strategy 2021-2026 (PDF)

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