Farm performance

Over the next five years, AHDB’s work will focus in three areas of Farm Performance, Marketing and Export, and Evidence.

For Farm Performance, we will:

  • Build our Farm Excellence Network to 100 Strategic and Monitor Farms to ensure nationwide coverage and a mix of farming and growing enterprises
  • Launch AHDB's Farm 360 Programme - a new, easy accessed package of research, training and latest knowledge to help improve your business and environmental performance. There will be a menu of options to choose from, designed to help your farm business maximise opportunities from new UK support systems and trading arrangements
  • Pump-prime the establishment of the new skills body The Institute for Agriculture and Horticulture to inspire new entrants of all ages, and unlock existing industry talent
  • Work with Defra to create a consistent set of performance indicators for farmers and growers to capture farm business and sustainability data and measure progress over time
  • Increase our support for levy payers through target research and best practice in disease and pest management, environment, animal health and welfare. This will be alongside existing and new products, tools and services such as:
    • A new cross-sector environmental benchmarking system
    • An electronic medicine hub for the ruminant sector
    • New national systems to improve monitoring and detection of pests and diseases
    • A national beef and sheep genetics platform (this will be dependent on non-levy funding)

Knowledge exchange

To achieve a sustainable, long-term improvement in farm performance, we aim to strengthen AHDB’s position as the UK’s leading knowledge exchange partner, disseminating research and innovation at scale across the industry.

We will focus on production efficiency, helping levy payers deliver what consumers want and to the standards they demand. Animal welfare and good environmental management on farm will be central to consumer and trade confidence at home and overseas.

AHDB will work with levy payers and stakeholders to help British farming and growing achieve Net Zero by 2050.

New Farm Review and Development Programme

A new Farm 360 initiative will provide levy payers with a structured and easy-to-access approach to connect with AHDB’s knowledge exchange and research. This can start with a Farm 360 Review to measure how farmers and growers are performing from a business, production and environmental point of view, and then signpost to relevant research and best practice material in the wider Farm 360 Development Programme. This ambitious programme offers an excellent opportunity to work in partnership with others in the industry to drive scale and reach. It will also draw on expertise, innovation and world-leading research from overseas.

Farmer-to-farmer learning

Farmer-to-farmer learning will be driven through an expansion of the AHDB Farm Excellence Network and our ability to capture evidence of what works on farm. Our digital and online offering will be improved to connect more rapidly with farmers and growers in formats that suit them.

A skilled workforce

A skilled workforce underpins excellent farm performance and ensures British farming and growing is fit for the future. AHDB will work with others to bring together the wealth of training, learning and career advice available in a dynamic online space, to help levy payers upskill staff and attract new entrants.

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