Evidence and data

Over the next five years, AHDB’s work will focus in three areas of Farm Performance, Marketing and Export, and Evidence.

We will:

  • Using Evidence insight and data, create an Evidence Centre that is widely used and valued by the whole industry
  • Support improved farm performance by providing clear messages on ‘what works’ through the launch of the Evidence for Farming initiative
  • Identify opportunities for British produce at home and overseas through world-class consumer insight
  • Continue to provide the market prices, insight and trend analysis, which is used and trusted by the industry
  • In partnership with Defra, deliver the Livestock Information programme and build on the core animal movements data to deliver added value to the industry in areas such as medicine usage and knowledge-based trading
  • Facilitate a data-driven industry by working in partnership to create a safe and trusted environment for data sharing
  • Using the experience gained with Livestock Information, deliver large-scale data projects, with the potential to bring added value for the industry in other sectors – such as a cereals and oilseeds passport scheme
  • Realising the value of AHDB-held data through standardising collection, storage and analysis, mining of existing datasets, opens up our data for the benefit of the whole industry and collaboration with Government sources

Our ambitions are, to:

  • Make sense of and drive value from farm data
  • Ensure AHDB is seen as the trusted and independent source of evidence, data and analysis
  • Launch Evidence for Farming initiative, with a focus on the environment

Identifying risks and opportunities for industry

Evidence lies at the heart of our new strategy. Putting the farmer first, we will champion the practical use of data on farm to drive positive change. Data, analysis and access will become more critical as further change is thrust upon our industry.

Our Evidence Centre will play a key role in the collection and translation of industry data into actionable insights for levy payers, to drive effective, solution-based decision-making. Our involvement in benchmarking on-farm performance is a good example, and this principle will be extended to measuring and improving environmental impact.

Real-time data informing decisions

It is real-time data that will drive farmer and grower decisions and underpin our industry’s reputation. To deliver this, we will, by working in partnership, facilitate a data-driven industry by building a safe and trusted environment for data sharing withthe standardisation of metrics. We will also develop data-sharing models that reflect best world-leading practice.

AHDB’s market intelligence team has a proven track record for its independent and trusted data, analysis and insight work. Our new Evidence Centre will go beyond this provision of prices and market analysis. Our thought leadership will help levy payers prepare for changes in farm support, policy and increased international competition.

Spotting overseas trade opportunities for you

We will broaden our international focus to interpret what is happening in global markets and identify trade opportunities as they arise. We will provide modelling and forecasting to help farmers, growers and the supply chain plan ahead.

Sharing evidence on ‘what works well’ on farm

AHDB will also improve the way in which best practice is shared across the industry. We are developing an Evidence for Farming initiative bringing industry research and learning together in one place, to develop clear messages on ‘what works well’ in an accessible and inclusive format. This was a key recommendation from the Agricultural Productivity Working Group report to better inform the UK’s agricultural innovation agenda.

Evidence for Farming will be launched in England as a pilot phase in 2021 focusing on the environment and Net Zero. This will address the current lack of evidence on the impact on business profitability of applying environmental measures.

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Change Programme and Strategy 2021-2026 (PDF)

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