Shout about the sire

Do you know the benefits of registering sires on passports?

Carcase trait Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) are now available to help you to choose a bull based on the things you get paid for. However they can only be generated if you record the ear tag number of the sire when registering a calf with BCMS.

Only 23 per cent of sires are currently registered on passports. This means farmers need to start recording to help drive the industry forward and improve profitability.

Find out how we’re encouraging the industry to shout about the sire

What are the new carcase traits EBVs?

The new carcase trait EBVs are:

  • Carcase conformation
  • Carcase weight
  • Fat class
  • Days to slaughter
  • Average daily carcase gain

A bull’s EBVs give you a good idea of the genetic potential that will be passed on to his calves and should always be taken into consideration when purchasing stock bulls or choosing AI sires.

Find out more about the new carcase traits here

How do I record?

If you’re new to recording, keeping a list of ear tag numbers by the side of your computer will make it easier and quicker when registering calves. If using artificial insemination (AI), a simple way to keep track is to make sure all semen delivery cards are kept safe as these will have the sire ear tag number on them.

If you don’t have access to computer software, we’ve designed a suckler breeding plan to help you to record sires used on groups of animals. If you would like a paper copy of the plan, email

Download the suckler breeding plan here