Rump and Picanha Steak

Code: Rump B005


The cap of the rump is separated from the rump. The silver gristle is removed from the cap muscle. Both muscles are cut into steaks of the required weight. The benefits are that the steaks will not fall apart and the cap (picanha) can be cut across the grain and is, therefore, more tender.

Rump B005
Rump B005
Meat Cut Spec Step 1


Tail muscle to be removed from the rump.

Meat Cut Spec Step 2


Remove any bone fragments, gristle and discoloured tissue.

Meat Cut Spec Step 3


Separate the two main rump muscles by following the natural seam.

Meat Cut Spec Step 4


Remove all gristle from the cap muscle.

Meat Cut Spec Step 5


The cap muscle and the main rump muscle.

Meat Cut Spec Step 6


Cut the main rump muscle into steaks of even thickness, (no wedge shapes) across the grain.

Meat Cut Spec Step 7


Traditionally the cap muscle is left on the main rump muscle and is cut along the grain which creates less tender steaks.

Meat Cut Spec Step 8


By removing the cap muscle, the steaks can be cut across the grain to improve tenderness.

Meat Cut Spec Step 9


Cut the cap muscle across the grain into picanha steaks of even thickness (no wedge shapes).

Meat Cut Spec Step 10


Steaks to be vacuum packed and the picanha and main rump steaks…

Meat Cut Spec Step 11


should be delivered in natural proportions (approx. 5-6 picanha steaks per whole rump).