Roots to Resilience: balancing food production and the ecosystem

What can you do on your farm to improve the ecosystem while maintaining productivity?

The aim of our first Roots to Resilience module is to get you thinking about what you’re aiming for with your business, what’s driving you and what’s holding you back.

To launch module 1, we held several events in January 2024 with Jason Rowntree, Professor of Animal Science, Michigan State University and Director of MSU Center for Regenerative Agriculture.

Catch up with some of the topics discussed by listening to the podcast and watching the videos below.

Podcast: Food production and the ecosystem

Listen to our podcast featuring Katie Evans, AHDB National Specialist for Grass, Forage and Soil, and Jason Rowntree as they discuss how we can improve ecosystems while maintaining productivity on farm.

Exploring soil carbon storage in the context of climate change

How do we balance food production and environmental sustainability?

How can we harness the soil's carbon power through adaptive multi-paddock grazing?

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