Roadmap 3: down to earth



A document was produced which details how the industry is performing currently. It added to the previous two documents and covered new subjects such as carbon sequestration and what the retailers are doing to assist the industry.


Planned activity:

Carbon Footprint audits were planned and carried out by ECO2.

Beef & Lamb
Project code:
01 April 2011 - 31 January 2012
AHDB Beef & Lamb
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74315 Final Report Jan 2012

About this project

The Problem:

The contribution of emissions from the beef and sheep industry, and how we are to achieve our 2020 industry targets.


Project Aims:

To gain a better understanding of the environmental challenges facing the industry and develop practical ways to reduce the carbon footprint of the sector.



  • We carried out further carbon footprint audits using the ECO2 model and including some data supplied by McDonalds
  • We spoke to and obtained details from the major retailers in how they are taking their carbon emissions to assist in the overall footprint within the livestock industry
  • We looked at carbon sequestration as a mitigating factor in livestock farming