Young plant resistance to wheat yellow rust

The pathogen that causes yellow rust – Puccinia striiformis f. sp. tritici – comes in different forms. There are races that only infect particular varieties. To add further complexity, some varieties are susceptible to yellow rust when plants are young, but go on to develop some level of resistance after early stem extension (the ‘adult-plant’ stage).

This page provides the resistance status of wheat for both stages – young and adult. However, the yellow rust population is highly diverse and changeable. It is important that crops are monitored regularly and unexpected disease observations reported to the UK Cereal Pathogen Virulence Survey (UKCPVS).

How young-plant-stage resistance is determined

  • Resistance is categorised using five isolates, selected by UKCPVS, to best represent the diversity in the yellow rust population at the time of testing
  • A variety is classified as susceptible at the young-plant stage, if it is susceptible to any one of the isolates
  • The adult plant resistance presented in the table is based upon the Recommended Lists (RL) yellow rust disease ratings for 2020/21, which were calculated in 2019
  • Status is presented for recommended and candidate varieties in trial (it does not feature varieties no longer under test in RL trials) 
  • As pathogen populations are diverse and can change rapidly, so can resistance status
  • As isolates chosen for testing are a subset of the population, actual field performance may vary

Young and adult plant resistance/susceptibility to yellow rust for winter wheat varieties

RL varieties Group RL rating  RL adult plant resistance Young-plant-stage resistance
Young-plant-stage resistance
Crusoe G1 9 R S S
KWS Zyatt G1 7 MR S S
RGT Illustrious G1 9 R R R
Skyfall G1 5 S S S
KWS Extase G2 9 R S S
KWS Siskin G2 9 R R R
LG Detroit G2 9 R S S
Elicit G3 9 R S S
KWS Barrel G3 9 R S S
KWS Firefly G3 9 R R R
Costello G4 (hard) 9 R R R
Gleam G4 (hard) 7 MR S S
Graham G4 (hard) 8 R S S
KWS Kerrin G4 (hard) 7 MR S S
KWS Kinetic G4 (hard) 6 MR S S
RGT Gravity G4 (hard) 8 R S S
Shabras G4 (hard) 7 MR S S
SY Insitor G4 (hard) 7 MR S S
Theodore G4 (hard) 9 R R R
Elation G4 (soft) 9 R S S
KWS Jackal G4 (soft) 9 R S S
LG Skyscraper G4 (soft) 8 R S S
LG Spotlight G4 (soft) 8 R S S
LG Sundance G4 (soft) 9 R S S
RGT Saki G4 (soft) 9 R R R
Astound Candidate 9 R * R
Banquo Candidate 9 R * S
KWS Cranium Candidate 9 R * R
KWS Plectrum Candidate 7 MR * S
LG Astronomer Candidate 9 R * R
LG Illuminate Candidate 9 R * R
LG Prince Candidate 9 R * R
LG Quasar Candidate 8 R * R
LG Seeker Candidate 7 MR * S
LG Tapestry Candidate 9 R * R
Merit Candidate 9 R * R
RGT Galactus Candidate 8 R * R
RGT Quicksilver Candidate 9 R * R
RGT Silversurfer Candidate 9 R * R
RGT Wolverine Candidate 7 MR * S
Swallow Candidate 7 MR * R
SY Clipper Candidate * * * R

*Data unavailable.

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Recommended Lists

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