The Problem:

Dairy-4-Future aims to increase the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of the dairy sector in the Atlantic region of Europe.

It focuses on developing dairy system blueprints able to withstand increased volatility in milk prices, which will also preserve natural resources, mitigate climate change, meet consumer demand and offer greater added value opportunities.


Specifically the project will:

  • analyse economic, societal and environmental metrics to identify innovative and more efficient dairy systems
  • identify, study and disseminate success stories in the value chain 
  • evaluate ecosystem services offered by dairy production
  • share and test innovations and innovative dairy systems 
  • propose recommendations and incentivisation measures for regional policies
  • prepare a framework for increased cooperation between stakeholders
  • deliver blueprints, fact sheets, recommendations and good practice roadmaps ready for use by farmers, industry, advisors, research and public authorities

For more information please see https://dairy4future.eu/

30 November 2010
AHDB Dairy
Project leader:
Duchy College

About this project

Aims and Objectives:

  • Decreasing milk production costs, while improving farm economic resilience
  • Increasing resource use efficiency, while mitigating environmental impacts 
  • Ensuring generational renewal and management of staff in farming, while increasing milk production and social sustainability.