Quality Meat from Britain

We are pleased to get together with the meat industry in Singapore. Our team from the UK includes some of the best-known and largest producers of high-quality British beef, lamb and pork products. 

Building relationships

Our exporters from the United Kingdom include some of the best-known and largest producers of beef, lamb, and pork products. The UK has a lot to offer, with its unique and great livestock tradition, and has a deserved reputation for high standards of animal welfare and food safety.

Our exporters have built a strong reputation for quality, presentation, and service, delivering what local, discerning consumers want. They pride themselves on their flexibility in adjusting to customer requirements in terms of product presentation and packaging.

AHDB is the organisation for levy payers in England. We exist to enhance the profitability and sustainability of the meat sectors. Our aim is to help the meat supply chains become more efficient and drive demand for quality meat products globally.

Please see the below resources for more information:

Download the AHDB UK Meat Exporters buyers guide for SIAL Paris 2022

Download the full list of UK Meat exporters

For further information please contact exports@ahdb.org.uk