Privacy notice: School farm visits support programme for farmers (England and Wales)

This privacy notice describes how we use and take care of the personal information that we collect as part of our pilot project to test a new AHDB programme designed to help farmers host educational, inspiring and safe visits for schoolchildren on their farm.

How to contact us

AHDB is based at Middlemarch Business Park, Siskin Parkway East, Coventry CV3 4PE and can be contacted at this address or on email at

If you have a query relating to this privacy notice or your personal information, please write to Emmanuel Ogungbe, Data Protection Officer (DPO), at the address above or by email at

Sharing your personal information with our pilot partner

We are working with Linking Environment and Farming (LEAF) and their team of education specialists to deliver the pilot project.

Together, we will be responsible for reviewing personal information submitted by you when applying to take part in the pilot project.

LEAF may also contact you about getting involved with the pilot either before or, if you are successful, during the project. 

You can contact LEAF at Linking Environment and Farming, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth CV8 2LZ or on email at

What we use your personal information for

As part of the application process, we will collect personal information about you for recruitment purposes.

This information will be provided by you via our application form to take part in the pilot. Information collected includes:

  • Your first name, surname, farm address and postcode, email address, telephone and mobile numbers
  • Your motivations for applying to take part in the pilot
  • Eligibility criteria, including confirmation you are a levy payer, farm assured, not CEVAS accredited, your commitment to the programme and compliance to health and safety requirements and physical details about your farm (e.g. access to dry and animal-free space)

If your application is successful, this information will be used to undertake the pilot project successfully.

Additional information may also be collected as part of the pilot project, including:

  • Information regarding your attendance on the associated training course
  • Information regarding your school farm visits
  • Photographs, videos, podcasts and audio recordings

Please note: if you are selected to take part in the pilot following your application, you will be required to register separately for the CEVAS (the Countryside Educational Visits Accreditation Scheme) training, run by LEAF, as part of the formal accreditation process.

Information collected as part of this process is outside the scope of this privacy notice. We will not have access to this information. 

How we keep your personal information safe

We ensure that there are appropriate and proportionate controls in place to protect your personal information. For example, we use encryption, where appropriate, and we store data within AHDB’s secure network and cloud environment.

Both of these are independently audited. We also limit and control who has access to the personal information we hold.

Our systems and storage are located within the UK wherever there is a choice of location that includes UK data centres. This includes our core Microsoft services (Office 365). However, some Microsoft services are not available from UK locations.

If location availability changes, we are committed to moving all of our systems, storage and services to the UK.

We have a contract in place with LEAF Education, as our partner for this project, outlining our expectations for the pilot. This includes how they manage and securely transfer personal information and fully comply with all applicable UK data protection laws.

How long we retain your personal information

We will retain your personal information for no longer than necessary for the purpose of the pilot project. 

If you are unsuccessful in being selected for the pilot project, your records will be kept on file for 18 months. This is to allow us to contact you about any potential future opportunities to take part in AHDB’s School Farm Visits Support Programme, if the pilot project is deemed successful. 

If you are selected as a participant for the pilot project, we will retain your records for the purposes of supporting any potential wider roll-out of the School Farm Visits Support Programme (e.g. case study, ambassador, etc.) and/or future evaluation.

LEAF will securely transfer your records to us following the end of the pilot project and delete any copies they hold (please note this does not apply to any data provided by yourself to LEAF as part of the CEVAS accreditation process which is covered by a separate privacy notice).

Confirmation that your records have been securely deleted will be provided to us by LEAF.