AHDB ready to support discussions over future of farm assurance

Wednesday, 18 October 2023

We at AHDB are ready to support discussions over the future development of farm assurance to ensure there is confidence in the way standards are being set and that they deliver value to all.

This follows reaction to Red Tractor’s Greener Farms Commitment module, which has been proposed to be introduced on a voluntary basis from April 2024.

AHDB Chair Nicholas Saphir said:

“Effective farm assurance is of vital importance to levy payers. The UK operates in an increasingly competitive international food environment, and we must be prepared to prove the high standards of quality, safety, production and provenance of our food to defend and promote the reputation of our industry. We must also respond to the changing needs of our customers and consumers.

“However, the reaction to Red Tractor's Greener Farms Commitment module proposal, whatever its merits, and ongoing discussions in the cereals and oilseeds sector and among beef and lamb producers is evidence that many farmers are beginning to consider that assurance is becoming an imposition without a reward and that there is a lack of buy-in to the case for, and potential benefits of, effective farm assurance. 

“AHDB will contribute with independent evidence that helps provide a view on the value of assurance in supporting British farmers. We are already working on an independent international comparison study of competitor beef and lamb standards, and today we have announced a similar study within the Cereals & Oilseeds sector."

Independent review of combinable crops assurance commissioned by AHDB