Action Johne’s initiative role transfers to AHDB

Wednesday, 10 May 2023

Dairy farmers and vets know Johne’s disease can have a terrible impact on herd health. Since the launch of the Action Johne's Initiative in 2015, the dairy industry has worked together to reduce the impact of this menacing disease through the implementation of the National Johne's Management Plan.

In line with the priorities set by levy payers following the Shape the Future vote AHDB has been asked by DairyUK to be more involved in the Action Group and become the Delivery Team for the initiative with effect from April 2023. This will involve AHDB administering the Action Johne’s website.

Lyndon Edwards, chair of the Action Group and AHDB’s Dairy Sector Council, said: “Dairy farmers and their vets understand the negative impact Johne’s disease has on herd health, but it doesn’t end there. The damage can be seen in so many other ways including reduced performance and an undermining of the reputation of the industry.

"To benefit levy payers AHDB has committed to driving greater engagement with industry to help reduce the cost to the sector and the animals we value, through increased awareness and proactive management.

“This is important work as levy payers were clear in setting future priorities for AHDB managing the reputation of the sector and economic impact of diseases such as Johne’s. The Red Tractor standards for dairy farms have Johne’s embedded and in time I am confident the investment of energy and expertise in this area of heard health will be seen delivering great value to farmers.”

Levy payers, vets and others involved will carry on as before, with on-farm delivery of the scheme remaining unchanged. Any queries about the scheme should now go to AHDB by email or telephone:

024 7601 6237