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Contaminated vehicles play a huge role in spreading disease. Research shows that even if you only transport pigs to slaughter, and stick to all the standstill regulations, you are still at risk of introducing or spreading disease.

Reducing the spread of disease

Following a strict vehicle biosecurity policy should reduce the risk of disease being spread by lorries and other vehicles. However, it relies on everyone complying with the policy and having access to the right equipment.

Research has shown that contaminated lorries play a huge role in spreading disease. Putting in the additional time at the wash bay could make the difference between spreading a disease and not.

In response to increased outbreaks of swine dysentery and the heightened risk of African swine fever (ASF) reaching the UK, pig producers, processors, markets, hauliers, and the wider industry are being reminded that all vehicles must be properly cleaned. It is worth remembering that diseases such as PRRS and PEDv can also be spread via faeces.

Order posters and signs

Helpful posters and signs are available to help share important biosecurity messages.

Weatherproof posters are ideal to display at visitor points and in staff rooms, reminding everyone of the importance of good biosecurity throughout the chain.

Gate and fence signs make it clear to visitors that dirty vehicles will be challenged and turned away, and where they need to wait before entering your unit.

You can order these items and more via our online order form. All items are free of charge.

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Listen to our #MuckFreeTruck podcast

In this edition of the AHDB Food & Farming podcast, we hear how the #MuckFreeTruck campaign is urging pig producers, processors and hauliers to ensure livestock lorries are properly cleaned.

Launched by ourselves and the National Pig Association (NPA), in conjunction with other key stakeholders, the campaign is a response to the threat posed by African swine fever (ASF)

ASF is well-established within parts of Europe, Russia and China, with a reservoir of infection in the wild boar population.  

This episode was recorded in June 2019.

Useful information

Use this information on biosecurity to help limit the spread of infectious diseases, both within a farm and when travelling between locations.

Reducing the spread of disease will help to maintain the health of your unit, reduce the costs of disease and maintain productivity.

We also encourage everyone to sign up to the Significant Diseases Charter. This plays an important role in sharing information quickly in the event of a pig disease outbreak to help prevent the spread of disease and to protect the industry.

African swine fever (ASF) videos

How to stay one step ahead

ASF – an introduction (part 1)

ASF clinical signs

Impact of the disease

ASF and rare pig breeds

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