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Share the #MuckFreeTruck message

Contaminated vehicles play a huge role in spreading disease. Research shows that even if you only transport pigs to slaughter, and stick to all the standstill regulations, you are still at risk of introducing or spreading disease.

We know that the longer vehicles are left contaminated, the quicker disease spreads. Leaving a contaminated vehicle unwashed for just a single day will halve the effectiveness of all biosecurity efforts.

In response to increased outbreaks of Swine Fever and the heightened risk of African Swine Fever reaching the UK, pig producers, processors and hauliers are being reminded that all vehicles must be properly cleaned.

Helpful posters, signs and stickers are now available to help share important biosecurity messages. Weatherproof posters are ideal to display next to lorry washing facilities, reminding drivers of the steps needed to achieve a thoroughly clean vehicle. Gate signs make it clear to visitors that dirty vehicles will be challenged and turned away. And for those proud to be part of the campaign, there are cab stickers declaring that you are a #MuckFreeTrucker.

Order posters and stickers

To order laminated posters, cab stickers and farmgate signs and other items please fill in our form. If you have any queries please email

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Listen to the #MuckFreeTruck podcast

In this edition of the AHDB podcast, we hear how the #MuckFreeTruck campaign is urging pig producers, processors and hauliers to ensure livestock lorries are properly cleaned.

Launched by ourselves and the National Pig Association (NPA), in conjunction with other key stakeholders, the campaign is a response to the threat posed by African swine fever, which is causing hug problems in Asia and eastern Europe.

Have your say on biosecurity

Are lorry washing facilities up to scratch? That's what we want to know - and that's why we're asking for your views.

We would like to get a feel for the standard of lorry washing facilities at markets and abattoirs across England.

We want farmers and hauliers to complete this short questionnaire to help us identify good practice and see where improvements need to be made.

Responses will be anonymous and the questionnaire should take no longer than a couple of minutes to complete.

Useful information

Use this information on biosecurity to help limit the spread of infectiious diseases, both within a farm and when travelling between locations.

Reducing the spread of disease will help to maintain the health of your unit, reduce the costs of disease and maintain productivity.

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