Mobility Mentor Resource Centre

Checklist and starter interview

Healthy Feet Programme certificate

Healthy Feet Preliminary questionnaire (HFP and HFLite)

Lameness risk assessment checklist

Six checkpoints for cubicle design

Healthy Feet Programme MasterList as farm walk

Healthy Feet Programme risk assessment by success factor

Guides - Mentors, farmers

Healthy Feet Programme: Farmers guide

Healthy Feet Programme: Mobility mentors' guide

Handouts - Farmer guides

Digital dermatitis – the three-pronged approach

Economic modelling for lameness

Designing your footbath using the footbath fitness test

Managing lameness through better stockmanship

Lesion recognition and trouble shooter guide

Hoof care field guide

Marketing materials

An introduction to the Healthy Feet Programme

Marketing the Healthy Feet Programme to farmers: a vet’s guide

The North West mobility study: Does the HFP work?

Healthy Feet Logo

Healthy Feet Lite Logo

Slides and training materials

Lameness board on-farm meeting

New ideas about dairy cow lameness

North West mobility project results

PDF slides on cubicle design

Video on six principles of cubicle design

Lameness Cost Calculator

Additional resources

Healthy Feet Programme case study

Healthy Feet Lite case study

Healthy Feet Programme steps

Healthy Feet Lite steps

Example Healthy Feet Programme action plan

Healthy Feet Programme - action plan template

Healthy Feet Lite - action plan template

Healthy Feet Programme - progress review

Healthy Feet Lite - progress review

Example Healthy Feet Lite progress review

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