Malting and Brewing Trials on New Barley Varieties


Cereals & Oilseeds
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01 July 1995 - 30 June 1998
AHDB Cereals & Oilseeds.
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£64,541 from HGCA (Project No. 1193)
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Project leader:
R Muller, C D Booer and M O Proudlove Brewing Research International, Lyttel Hall, Nutfield, Surrey RH1 4 HY



About this project


Aims: The aim of this project was to provide pilot scale malting and brewing data on new barley varieties. The data was then used by the Institute of Brewing (IOB) to assess the varieties for Provisional or Full Approval as a recommended variety for malting, brewing or distilling.

The varieties selected for trials were those put forward by the English Working Party of the IOB and the final Approval (or otherwise) was also determined by the same institute. BRI ran the trials but did not assign final approval, nevertheless the outcome of these trials is provided below.

BRI carried out micromalting (350g), pilot malting (50kg) and, subsequently, pilot-scale brewing (100l) on the new barley varieties.

Conclusions: Barleys Selected for Trials with outcome of approval procedure.

1995 Crop, Spring Barleys: Trial: None Site Control: None 1995 Crop, Winter Barleys: Trial: Gleam Approved Prelude Not Approved Regina Approved Site Control: Halcyon 
1996 Crop, Spring Barleys: Trial: Landlord Approved Site Control: Chariot 1996 Crop, Winter Barleys: Trial: Rifle Approved Site Control Halcyon

1997 Crop:
No barleys were put forward for trials in this year.