Levy increase April 2024

Increases to AHDB’s levy for the Beef & Lamb, Cereals & Oilseeds, Dairy and Pork sectors came into force on 1 April 2024.

The rises proposed by the four sector councils were approved by Defra Ministers and the devolved administrations and received support from major industry stakeholders.

This is the first levy increase for the Beef & Lamb and Cereals & Oilseeds sectors for more than 10 years and in over 20 years for Dairy and Pork, and will allow us to maintain our focus on delivering the objectives set out in the Sector Plans, published in November 2022.

We outlined in more detail how the levy increase would be invested for your benefit for each sector and answered your questions in the Funding Your Future exercise at the end of 2023.

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New levy rates from April 2024

Beef & Lamb

Cattle (excluding calves)

  • Producer – £4.05 to £5.06/head of cattle
  • Slaughterer/exporter – £1.35 to £1.69/head of cattle


  • Producer – £0.08 to £0.10/head of cattle
  • Slaughterer/exporter – £0.08 to £0.10/head


  • Producer – £0.60 to £0.75/head of sheep
  • Slaughterer/exporter – £0.20 to £0.25/head of sheep

Cereals & Oilseeds

  • Cereal grower – 46p/tonne to 58p/t
  • Cereal processor (human/industrial) – 9.50p/t to 12p/t
  • Oilseeds – 75p/t to 94p/t
  • Cereal buyer – 3.80p/t to 4.80p/t 
  • Cereal processor (feed) – 4.60p/t to 5.80p/t


  • Dairy farmer – 0.06p/litre to 0.08p/l


  • Pig producer – £0.85 to £1.02
  • Pig processor – £0.20 to £0.24

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