Mix Up Midweek Pork Campaign Drives Change in Consumer Perceptions of Pork

Since 2017, AHDB Pork has been changing the perceptions of pork by positioning it as a tasty, healthy and easy dish to cook during the busy week.

Independent evaluation of the pork marketing campaign - which is now in its fifth year – shows that 92% of consumers agreed the TV advert communicated pork medallions were a healthy mealtime choice, and 75% said they feel differently about pork medallions after seeing the campaign.

There has also been a significant shift in people perceiving pork medallions as high in protein, and an enjoyable and delicious meal option, with six in ten consumers saying they are likely to buy pork medallions.

A further 61% of consumers say the campaign altered their perception of pork shoulder after seeing it, with 84% agreeing the campaign communicated it as a good midweek meal solution, easy to cook at home and can be used in a number of dishes. 

Watch the TV advert here:


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A ‘butcher’s kit’ featuring 6 recipes (nb one is a beef recipe and 1 is a lamb recipe) and a poster has been created (pictured right), and can be ordered by emailing butcherskit@ahdb.org.uk referencing ‘Pork January kits’ in the subject line. Please note that each kit contains 50 recipe cards and 1 poster.


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