World Iron Awareness Week 2022

Breaking through misinformation, and talking iron-clad facts

Dr Emily MacDonagh, wife of Peter Andre, has transformed into a real-life iron woman.  

The NHS doctor and mum of two partnered with AHDB as part of its We Eat Balanced campaign, using World Iron Awareness Week (22–28 August) to highlight the importance of enjoying a balanced diet. New research has found that two in five women suspect they’re iron deficient. 

Commenting on the finding and her role in the campaign, Dr Emily MacDonagh said:

The fact that so many women and girls are already affected by low iron levels or suspect they may be iron deficient is worrying because iron is an important mineral that’s involved in various bodily functions including to help support the immune system, and the symptoms – including tiredness and lack of energy – can impact daily life. 

What better way to bring attention to this issue than by turning myself into a real-life iron woman for the day in support of AHDB’s We Eat Balanced campaign. Eating a balanced diet is key to helping us get the wide range of nutrients that our bodies need, and there are plenty of cost-effective options available too.

Dr Emily McDonagh will be speaking to the media about the importance of a balanced diet, how to ensure women and girls in particular get enough iron, and the role vitamin B12 can play.

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