AHDB Horticulture Board

The AHDB Horticulture Board meets five times a year. Selection and appointment of the members of the board is carried out by the Board of AHDB through an open appointments process. Board members are appointed for a three year term and receive £256.25 per day plus expenses for their time at board meetings and other related work they may be asked to undertake. The Chair, who is also an AHDB Board Member, is appointed by Defra and receives £32,000 for a minimum of 104 days per year plus expenses. Expenses are in line with HMRC recommended rates.

Meet the AHDB Management team

Hayley Campbell-Gibbons

AHDB Board and Horticulture Sector Chair

Keston Williams

Board Member

Peter Judge

Board Member

Rob Saunders

Chair of Tree Fruit Panel

Roma Gwynn

Independent Board Member

Mark Eves

Board Member

Michael Barker

Independent Board Member

Robert James

Chair of Protected Edibles

Jamie Dewhurst

Board Member