Jamie Dewhurst

AHDB Horticulture Sector Council Member

Image of staff member Jamie Dewhurst

Email: jamiedewhurst@btconnect.com

Jamie comes from a farming family in Perthshire, Scotland.

Having attended Aberdeen Agricultural College he joined Booker Farming as a farm manager in 1988.

In 1992 he moved to Booker Farming’s sister company Tilhill Forestry, where he took over the management of their 250 acre Forest Nursery. Given the collapse of the Forestry market in 1988 he drove the diversification from Conifer production into Broadleaf and Hedging.

In 2002 he established J & A Growers Ltd, targeting the import substitution market. The company has grown to a production of 12 million plants annually supplying the UK wholesale nursery trade.

Jamie is President of the European Forest Nursery Association, representing the interests of the private sector throughout Europe. He is also a Board member of AHDB Horticulture.

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