Genetic analysis of longevity in sheep



Genetic parameters were produced for all three breeds, the least robust of the three being the Texel – where it is acknowledged the data structure differs to the other two more commercial datasets.

Prototype EBVs are proposed for the Lleyn breed, whilst work with the Dorset remains on hold whilst the Combined Breed Analysis completed. Milestone 5 is still outstanding.

Beef & Lamb
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31 March 2014 - 29 June 2015
AHDB Beef & Lamb
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SAC Commercial LTD


73413 Final Report Apr 2016

About this project

The Problem:

Economic gains can be made by increasing the length of time that ewes are retained and reproductively active within the flock.


Aims and Objectives:

To identify whether differences in lifespan have a genetic component.



“Data mine” the Signet database using date of birth and last lamb born to determine differences in lifespan.

These values will then be analysed to assess the heritability of this trait.