FARMAX: phase III (whole farm feed planning software)


Beef & Lamb
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15 February 2016 - 31 December 2018
AHDB Beef & Lamb
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About this project

The Problem:

Farmax Ltd specialise in feed planning tools for pasture-based livestock production to aid farmer decision-making– the core products are whole farm feed planning tools for NZ, Australia and South America: FARMAX PRO, for beef, sheep and deer and FARMAX DAIRY PRO for Dairy.

AHDB Beef & Lamb have been using FARMAX PRO within its projects since 2011.  There was an opportunity to provide technical support, alongside Quality Meat Scotland (QMS), to produce a version that is fully suitable for the UK.


Aims and Objectives:

– to provide technical support to Farmax Ltd to produce a UK version of the program

– to use the program within on-going projects to help produce novel key performance indicators

– to provide training webinars and events



Farmax Ltd will gather information and experience from AHDB Beef & Lamb and QMS, and use it to adjust their program.  Farms within England and Scotland will be used to test the new program.  Farmax Ltd will provide technical support to training webinars and events.