Wolverhampton Monitor Farm

Jack Houghton
Farm sectors:
Cereals & Oilseeds
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About Wolverhampton Monitor Farm

  • DW Burton Farms has been a Monitor Farm since November 2023
  • The farm operates over approximately 2650a of owner-occupied land and contract farming agreements

Jack Houghton is the farm manager at DW Burton Farms. He's currently overseeing operations on around 2650a of land. 1500a of which is a contract farming agreement with the Crown.

The current rotation includes winter wheat, winter barley, OSR, spring barley, maize and AB15 mix.

Jack is flexible with his approach to tillage and isn't afraid of trying something new. Catch and cover crops are put in wherever possible, and he is currently experimenting with different mixes.

As a young farmer new to management, Jack wants to use his time as a monitor farmer to increase his knowledge of the industry through sharing experiences with others in the area. He's keen to meet new faces and get his name out there.

Jack's ambitions for the three-year programme are to further stabilise the business by securing long-term tenancies and contract farming agreements. He'd also like to reduce inorganic input and pesticide usage.

Building soil organic matter through the use of muck/compost is an area he would like to explore further and put the income from stewardship to use.

Ultimately, Jack's goal is to produce high-quality, profitable food while being kind to the environment.

Jack Houghton

Jack Houghton