Kirkhouse Farm (2017 - 2021)

Edward Dean
Farm sectors:
Beef & Lamb
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About Kirkhouse Farm (2017 - 2021)

  • Beef & Lamb Strategic Farmer from 2017 until 2021
  • 154ha grassland farm in Cumbria
  • Livestock consists of 300 commercial Texel ewes and 130 purebred Limousin cows
  • Youngstock sold as stores

When Edward joined the Strategic Farm programme in 2017, his focus areas were:

  1. Improve the maternal characteristics of his suckler herd
  2. Tighten the calving period
  3. Improve dry cow management to boost colostrum quality

During the four year programme, Edward started using artificial insemination using strong maternal bulls to improve the milkiness of his cows. He identified heats using the Allflex SenseHub system, consistently achieving a conception rate of 65% to two AI services.

Edward also reduced his calving period by culling cows which were out of sync with the herd. Over the four year project he managed to increase the numbers of cows calving in the first six weeks from 19% to 40%.

By tightening his calving period, Edward was able to effectively target nutrition before calving. He was advised by his nutritionist, Debby Brown, to supplement cows with a high protein feedstuff one month before calving to ensure colostrum was in sufficient quantity and quality to promote effective passive transfer. 

Further information on using AI in the suckler herd can be found here

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Edward Dean

Edward Dean

Edward farms a flock of 300 commercial Texel ewes and 130 purebred Limousin cows in Cumbria.