Coton Wood Farm key performance indicators

Our strategic dairy farms openly share their KPIs so you can see how they perform against the technical and financial measures critical for success

All year round calving

Key Performance Indicators

Good Performance

Average Performance Poor performanceCoton Wood Farm
Pregnancy rate (%) >20% 17% <14% 25%
Age at first calving (months)

24 months

27 months >30 months 25 months
Total purchased feed costs (pence/litre)

<8 pence per litre

9 pence per litre 

>10 pence per litre

8.3 Pence per litre

Average daily lifetime yield (litres/day) >13.6 litres/day 11.8 litres/day <9.8 litres/day 12.4
Overheads (excluding rent and finance) as a proportion of dairy income <30% 40% >50% 29%
Genetic merit <25th percentile 50th percentile >75th percentile  10th 

Generic financial measures

Key Performance IndicatorsGood PerformanceAverage performancePoor performanceCoton Wood Farm
Full economic net margin (ppl) <25ppl 28.5 ppl >32ppl  24.6 ppl
Return on tenants capital (%) >20% 7% <0% 24%
Income retained  20% 5% <0% 35%

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