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About Cockhaise Farm

  • Strategic Dairy Farm launching late Summer 2020
  • Autumn block calving within a tight 6 weeks block
  • Organic dairy farm
  • 6,000l per cow per year of which 3,181l are from forage
  • Total of 300 hectares
  • Working on establishing a regenerative dairy farm model

Follow Cockhaise farm if you are interested in:

  • Learning more about how organic management principles can benefit your soil structure and grassland management’
  • Managing an incredibly tight six-week autumn calving block herd
  • Utilising herbal leys in your grazing platforms
  • Developing healthy soils
  • Reducing instances of lameness in your herd
  • Building strong teams
  • Developing multiple farms processes and operations
  • Learning more about 'regenerative dairy farming'


Cockhaise Farm in Sussex is owned and operated by Dan Burdett and his family. Taking over operations from his father in 2013, Dan now operates a tight autumn block calving herd of 240 Holstein and Friesian crosses.

Dan continues in his pioneering father’s footsteps in producing organic milk on a low input low output system of dairy production.  They also operate a dairy farm on contract located in Kent that has a higher education focus as well as an autumn block calving herd.

Our farm

Based near Hayward Heath in Sussex, Cockhaise Farm is 300 hectares with a flexible grazing platform of between 75-120 hectares depending on the time of year and grass growth. Silage leys are a mix of PRG, Cocksfoot, Timothy, Plaintain and Red and White Clover. Grazing leys are as above with the addition of Chicory, Burnett, Yarrow, Birdsfoot Trefoil and Crimson Clover.

Our herd

The herd is currently made up of 240 Holstein Friesian cows although they are looking to reduce this number to improve their efficiency. The animals average 550kg liveweight, and come from New Zealand and Irish genetics. They achieve 6,000L of milk per cow per year of which 3181L is from forage. They operate an autumn block calving herd with all animals calving within a six-week block. This herd starts calving in November.

Our journey

Over the next three years, Dan aims to develop a working model for a 'regenerative approach to dairy farming' for GB, as well as broadening the farm's focus beyond dairy, reducing instances of lameness and building a strong team to create a better work-life balance.

Our key performance figures

Cockhaise Farm openly share their KPIs so you can see how they perform against a number or technical and financial measures.

Past meetings and updates

Dan Burdett

Dan Burdett

"Over the next three years, we will attempt to establish a blueprint for regenerative dairy farming and will also look to optimise our efficiency with input from other farmers."

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