Bridge Farm - strategic dairy farm launch

The launch of Bridge Farm at a strategic farm offered a warm welcome to nearly 50 local farmers and industry contacts who were provided an overview by lead farmer David Cotton. 

David is an experienced farmer who has supported the dairy industry in many ways and looks to continue to do so by offering the opportunity to share his knowledge whilst also benefiting from feedback from others.

Bridge Farm launch overview 

  • David talked through why he'd moved from all year round to autumn block calving, which was focused on doing the key things well and keeping it simple
  • The herd is mainly fed on a grass based silage diet with some straw, caustic wheat and rape in it with some cake back up
  • David provided an overview of the 'Round-House' building they had installed which is mainly used for transition and then later for youngstock
  • He also manages some beef stock, which helps to reduce reducing slurry storage, which is challenge and has invested in a new storage facility and pump to enable him to send this to the nearby farm he recently purchased
  • One of David's ambitions is to bring the new farm he aquired in line with the existing farms working practices

David Cotton tells us more about Bridge Farm and the launch

Nutritionist Charlie King talks about the changes to transition feeding at Bridge Farm

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